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Thank you for considering Cooper Composites and Coatings, a company committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our technicians have serviced some of the largest fiberglass projects in North America, and look forward to putting our expertise to work for your fiberglass equipment needs! With over twenty-plus years of fiberglass experience, we are professionals at refurbishing and repairing fiberglass and are confident our expertise is exactly what your equipment needs.


Windmills on green field


Our expert technicians aim to partner with the greatest cooling tower manufacturers to ensure next-level repairs for cooling towers



Trust our experience and skill to manage your ground-based wind turbine fiberglass repairs.



We offer premium fiberglass boat repair services, primarily servicing the Detroit / Port Huron Michigan area and the Lake of the Ozark / Lake Wappapello/Clearwater Lake Missouri area.


The Importance Of Fiberglass Maintenance

  • Regular maintenance helps ensure that cooling towers, wind turbines, boats, and other fiberglass-based equipment are safe for the companies and people that use them. In order to operate properly, it’s crucial that proper maintenance is provided for any piece of equipment that utilizes fiberglass.

  • Some maintenance supervisors choose to hire outside crews to come in and fix any problems that they are having with their fiberglass equipment.

  • Fiberglass maintenance personnel are expected to carry out services such as resurfacing the fiberglass, restoring sections that have been worn or broken down, and performing structural repairs on the equipment.

  • Basic repairs can be taken care of fairly quickly and at a reasonable price. For example, there will be times when screws need to be tightened or replaced in order to ensure the security of your equipment. These general repairs are normally taken care of by industrial maintenance personnel.  Because these repairs do not require a high level of training, most industrial groups can get by using their internal crews. In the event of severe fiberglass damage, outsourcing the repair work may become necessary.  For example, since industrial groups sell fiberglass-based cooling towers, a general resurfacing of the fiberglass becomes essential after a certain period of time. This could be every 3-10 years, depending on the equipment’s usage and the weather conditions it is subjected to. A proper resurfacing schedule helps extend the life expectancy of the equipment.

  • Proper maintenance of fiberglass equipment is not something that is often noticed by an average person. However, the owners and managers of these towers, turbines, and boats can understand how important it is to keep their equipment operating smoothly and safely. These individuals will have the option of choosing to have their work and general repairs performed by an internal crew or an outsourced agency. Of course, most outsourced agencies have professionals employed on their staff that have an extensive amount of experience when it comes to repairing equipment. This is why it is important to have professionals inspect your fiberglass regularly and ensure that it is up to the task, and that your product is eco-friendly and safe for its users.

Prompt And Effective Fiberglass Repair

High-quality and trustworthy maintenance are necessary parts of operating fiberglass equipment. It is important to keep all of your equipment well maintained and running properly. Failing to do so puts visitors at risk of injury, and your enterprise in danger of facing a lawsuit. Having a certified company manage your fiberglass maintenance for you will help to eliminate these dangers.

Relieve Strain on Machinery by Conducting Fiberglass Repair Quickly

Repairing your fiberglass equipment as soon as problems are detected will save you money.  When an element of your machinery becomes damaged, it puts a strain on the rest of the hardware. This may cause rapid deterioration of the entire structure until the damaged element is replaced. Keep your fiberglass maintenance a top priority, and you are sure to keep your consumers happy and boating experience enjoyable every time!

Choose a Good Commercial Fiberglass Repair Company That Delivers Quality Every Time

There are many companies that can help you with fiberglass repairs. A good company delivers much more than the bare minimum when it comes to quality restoration and is as concerned about the reputation of your equipment as you are. They will check for minor scratches and remove materials that have started to fade. If your equipment is exposed to the elements, over time it will get damaged by ultraviolet radiation, wind, and rain. Professional teams act before problems get out of hand and may spot things that need your attention sooner than you do.
It is very important to select an organization that is known industry-wide for excellence in composites and coatings. Your equipment will need resurfacing or restoration in the future, so you are likely entering into a long term relationship with whatever company you choose. Thus, you must make sure that they are prepared to deliver excellence consistently during a long term commitment. Choose a company you can trust to deliver quality every time with the utmost honesty and integrity.
To learn more visit Cooper Composites and Coatings’ fiberglass repair credentials.

Services Provided By a Professional Fiberglass Repair Company


Enterprises that offer restoration services to fiberglass equipment usually perform inspections as a part of their package. These evaluations may be done on a seasonal basis.
Apart from repairs, professional service providers also often provide assistance with training your employees to complete basic maintenance on your equipment. These teams will identify leaks and do the necessary caulking for you. If you want to repair your equipment, they will have the gear that is required to get this done with speed, quality, and safety, so you will be up and running without significant delays.

Ask the Experts for Their Recommendations So That You Save Money

You can cut your costs significantly if you implement changes that are advocated by a professional team. Qualified technicians in the industry are able to spot ways in which you can adjust your procedures so that your infrastructure lasts a much longer time. A good fiberglass repair team can make more than cosmetic changes. A good fiberglass repair team has the knowledge and experience necessary to make structural repairs to your fiberglass equipment that will cause them to last for decades longer than you thought possible.
Our fiberglass restoration technicians have completed 2000 hours of training and have been certified by ACMA, the American Composite Manufacturers Association. As a result, they understand the composites that make up your equipment and know how to fix them when they break down.

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